COVID-19 Policy

Andersons Creek Golf Club to Reopen!

We're happy to announce that Andersons Creek will be opening on May 14th for play! 

Our priority is first and foremost the health and safety of our staff, members, and guests so in accordance with the Health Protection Act, have a few new procedures and policies for the upcoming season. These policies are subject to change as COVID-19 is ever evolving but we will be sure to update this page as more information becomes available or if these policies are relaxed or become more restrictive. We are hopeful that the following precautions that we have put in place will allow us to provide the safest environment possible for us to deliver a golf experience that adheres to our government and health regulators. 

Additional workplace guidelines and public health measures required to be followed by all businesses can be found in the Renew PEI Together document found at

At this time, Andersons Creek is implementing the following strategies to help prevent any possible spread of the virus:

  • Please allow for physical distancing at check in.
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in all Club areas, especially in areas of high use, such as washrooms and door handles.Placing additional hand sanitizer stations in high traffic, communal areas e.g. entrance to clubhouse, exit from washrooms.
  • Removing self-service food and beverage stations. Training employees on safety and sanitary precautions and protocols.
  • Adding educational signage reminding all golfers and employees to take preventative measures to minimize risk.
  • Removing non-essential items around the Golf Course and Clubhouse that can be handled by multiple persons.
  • Limiting non-essential vendor and supplier visits.
  • Encouraging nods or waves instead of handshakes.
  • Enforcing physical distancing. Stay a minimum of 2 meters/6ft apart at all times.

Member Protocols

The following is a list of protocols we are asking all of our members and guests to abide by. Failure to follow these protocols will result in the individual(s) being removed from the facility. It is with the hope that if everyone is socially responsible golf can remain open for the enjoyment of all, through these challenging times.

Course Operation

  • Tee times will only be made online or over the phone.
  • Where possible encourage online, debit and credit transactions.
  • Tee time intervals will be increased to ensure groups are evenly spaced throughout the entire round. 
  • Pace of play must be monitored to avoid congestion on the course.
  • Groups will consist of no more than 4 people. Physical distancing must be observed at all times, with a minimum of two metres between players.
  • Groups will be asked to wait to be called to first tee to start.
  • Members and guests will be asked to leave immediately after their round to avoid gathering.
  • Lessons, leagues, tournaments and other events are prohibited in order to discourage gathering of players.
  • Practice range will not be open.
  • The Pro Shop is open for retail sales. There is a limited number of people allowed in the Pro Shop at a time.
  • Club storage is not permitted.
  • The Hub will be opening in June 1st! There will be a limited number of people allowed inside the clubhouse as well as a limited menu available.
  • Players should be encouraged to call ahead to place orders and coordinate pick-up.
  • Food and beverage carts are permitted to operate however must follow physical distancing requirement of 2 meters between staff and players. Encourage payment by debit or credit.

Lessen Touchpoints:

  • Course furniture; benches, ball washers, shoe scrapers, rakes, club cleaners, sand dispensers, and first tee scorecard/pencil holders will be removed where possible or made inaccessible.
  • Consumables such as scorecards and pencils will be made available to each group as they arrive at the tee.
  • Devices or systems must be in place that allows removal of the ball from the hole without the player touching the pin.
  • If golf cart and pull cart rentals are permitted, they must be cleaned and sanitized between uses.
  • Walking is encouraged to reduce the use of shared equipment.
  • Limit of one person per golf cart, unless the occupants can prove they reside in the same household.

Education/Best Practices:

  • All staff will be trained to observe COVID-19 safety protocols and trained to recognize symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Signage will be placed in parking lots and on course encouraging physical distancing and COVID-19 safety practices.
  • Staff will ask any player/guest to leave the property if they witness any of the safety protocols being ignored.
  • When booking tee times, players will be made aware of the measures the course has taken to make it safe to play. If they book online they will receive information by email, if they call an operator will inform them.

Cleaning and Sanitizing:

  • A detailed sanitation plan requiring frequent cleaning and sanitizing of clubhouse and on-course washroom facilities must be in place, with only one individual permitted entry at a time. 
  • Staff will be provided access to protective equipment which may include gloves, non-medical masks (when required), and cleaning supplies. 
  • All rental equipment will be sanitized following each use.
  • Equipment (computers, mowers, etc.) should be assigned to one user as much as possible to avoid shared use and the continuous need to clean and sanitize between uses. Where equipment is shared, or reassigned to a new user, it must first be cleaned and sanitized.