Membership FAQ

What is a premium time?

  • We have set aside tee times specifically for premium members;. an early AM and a late AM. Events could interrupt these member blocks.
  • The premium times are available to book exclusively by the premium members up to 4 days prior to the tee time when they will be released to other members/public.
  • Premium member times need to have all four names. Member guests are permitted.

How many premium memberships are available for sale?

  • We will be limiting the number of premium members to the number of premium times we have set aside. Currently, we are accepting the first 120 premium members. If that number is reached we will reassess at that time.

Why aren't you offering a couples or family membership this season?

  • This season, we've opted to offer couples 10% off their membership total. This way, couples are able to mix and match membership types to suit their individual needs.

  • Family memberships can be customized through Ben

Why increase in cost?

  • Supply & demand - Due to the increase in interest and demand of golf nationwide, tee time availability was becoming scarce at our previous price point. We’ve increased our membership and green fee rates to help create a balance between green fee players and members.

  • Overall there has been a 10-20% increase in all areas of golf course expenses for the 2022 operating season. 

Are installments available? How to they work?

Installments are available for those that wish to starting paying for their membership at anytime! You can choose between any of the following installments plans.

  1. Monthly - now until October 1st
  2. Half now / half May 1st
  3. Half now / half July 1st
  • Credit card or post dated cheques MUST be provided to office staff. Payments will not be accepted through the Pro Shop.

What is included in the Golf Canada Membership?

  • Access to official handicap index

  • Golf Canada Score Center

  • Incident protection for equipment, travel, and golf cart accidents. Protects you if you damage a club, a cart, or a vehicle up to a total of $6000

  • Please visit for more information

Do you accept Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards?

  • For our pro shop services, green fees, and food & beverage services, yes! We happily accept Canada’s Food Island Gift Cards. Unfortunately, we cannot accept them for your membership payments.

Do I need to pay for my membership before the start of the season?

  • No, however, each membership type is limited and on a first come first serve basis. We cannot guarantee that when the season rolls around we will be accepting any additional members. Updates will be emailed to our membership base as the off-season progresses should we come close to reaching our membership cap.

  • Should you wish to secure a membership for the 2022 season, installments can be set up at any time by calling the office!

When is my membership valid until?

  • Memberships are valid from opening day (approx. mid-April) until end of season (approx. October 31st).

  • We try to maximize the number of days in the golf season however, due to inclement weather, it could be shorter or longer.

Any questions, please contact Ben King at: [email protected] or 902.213.5028